How do Sacred Geometry Wood symbols work?

These symbols are being presented now made from wood.

Wood is living material that allows the symbol energy to pass through them in a rich and fluid way. That energy may manifest as different properties through each individual species of woods.  Here are the woods and the properties associated with them:
  1. Cedar – sacred, ceremony, focus, protection (Spanish , Red or Aromatic Red)
  2. Basswood- Celtic Tree of Life:  healing, illumination, transmutation
  3. Cherry – passion, amplification of magical will, intuition
  4. Black Walnut – inspiration, focus, healing from within
  5. Oak – strength, fertility balance, protection, abundance (White or Red-the strongest)
  6. Birch – health, vitality, new beginnings
  7. Poplar – communication, shielding, healing
  8. Maple – healing abundance, creation, rebirth, beauty, transmutations, spiritual healing.


These symbols are tools knowing that they are as gifts to be shared.

Celtic  Shield

Inspires hope, life, honor, faith, unity, balance, transition, temperance, ascension, navigation, wholeness, oneness, eternal life, health, infinite love, protection…….

Star Wheel

Promotes facilitation.

They work by hanging them in your house.

They are yours privately. It is not required that you study them or focus solely on them. By glancing at them daily they initiate the proper process for each person.  Working within the parameters of self, the symbols may help to bring positive change to each person who owns them.  These symbols only work for the greater good.

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