Original Art

Each piece is an original piece.

They may have the same commonalities such as design and paint colors, but each piece is made from different pieces of dimensional wood.  Each symbol blank is made with one kind of wood bonded together.  The blanks can be made from different species of wood as well.  They all have been cut and sanded as perfectly as possible to the shapes desired.  Not only because the woods are different from one kind to the next, but because of the way of wood.  No two pieces will be exactly alike.  They are numbered original works of art. As individual works of art they each take time to create.

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It should be noted that on the Star Wheel the colors to the points can be inter-changed.  However black will most always be on the left – west.
The Star Wheel: $175.00
The Celtic  Shield: $350.00
Note:  When ordering allow 4-6wks for delivery.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Shipping and handling will be done at cost unless the order is a large order.  Taxes are extra.

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