About the Symbols

The Star Wheel and the Celtic Shield symbols are being presented now in an effort to help us.

These are shapes that comply with parameters of Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the mathematical sequential patterns that configure the foundation of the universe. Symbols are geometric shapes that incorporate mathematical and geometrical sequential information. That information may be experienced as knowledge, understanding, fulfillment and uplifting energy.

The Star Wheel and the Celtic Shield symbols are being given now in the ancient original form.

They are here to help uplift the human spirit from where we are now to where we need to be. Whatever that transition is, it is personal. These symbols could help ease and facilitate that process.

These two symbols work well together.

They may help one to realize that the power to make positive change, to reach for the next rung on that latter of success, could be accomplished by being able to extend one’s focus and allow that focus to include these symbols.

As with all symbols these have innate influence.

They may affect change. The truth of their purpose can be affected by the power of intent, but that intent cannot alter the truth of what they are. So it is a synergistic cooperation that exists to enrich, enliven and empower. They may help by reaching into the core of our being and pulling forth the golden nugget of realization and truth. The truth that we are more than what we appear to be, and more than we thought we ever could become.

A Brief Bio:

Ken Ferro is psychic intuitive. His life has been vision driven and he dreams his future.  He is a healer, visionary, artist and master carpenter.

These symbols are visions based.

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