True Power

How is it we wake up each morning and feel?  We are at the center of our known universe and everything rotates around us.  Most everything just try’s  to stay out of our way as we careen through the universe with our plan.

Sometimes we feel like we need something else or that we lack something but in reality we have, as we always had, everything we need.  There has never been one time when we didn’t have everything.

It seems incredulous to state that we have everything.  Everyone has everything.  We only see ourselves in lack when we put our fears first.  When we forget our personal power, when we distant our self  from our true self and reach for fear.

True power comes from within.  It is sufficient even unto itself.  It is an inner joy and prescience.  It is the power to be and be free.  It is the power to be in the present moment and extend that moment forever.  It is the experience of the Divine Within.

The Profound Teachers of our time or past times have talked about being in the presence of a force that is awesome.  A force that lives in us.  One that when experienced leaves an indelible mark on one’s soul.  We have but to find that force in us and connect to it.

This force is not hidden.  It is known.  We know it.  All we have to do is remember what we have temporarily forgotten.

Now just sit still and imagine with me:

“You are sitting on a beach at the ocean.  You are alone. The air is calm. The sun is warm but not hot.  The sand under your bottom is warm but not hot.  You can hear the waves gentle touching the beach as you close your eyes.  As you calmly sit there you notice the rhythm  of your breath.  Somehow it starts to match the waves in someway.  Each of the waves and the breath have a rhythm and begin to play a gentle song.  As you listen the song takes on other tones and starts to play a beautiful inner song.  Although outwardly perfectly still you start to feel your self swaying to the harmony.  This harmony starts to take on a feeling.  You notice this feeling and its volume increases.  So now you are wrapped in feeling and hearing this wonderful harmony that’s inside of you while you are sitting perfectly still on the quiet beach by the ocean.  And as you are sitting on the beach with your eyes closed a small but vibrant light starts to shine in the distance inside you and as you notice this light it begins to grow as it comes towards you.  As it comes towards you an inner smile starts to take shape and fill you with an inner joy that’s oh so sweet.  So now while still sitting quietly on the beach by the ocean you are hearing this music while wrapped in the embrace of inner feeling and wonderful light has filled your vision and now that sweet  inner joy has brought a taste to your lips that has a light but fulfilling taste and still you sit on the beach while the rest of you is being filled by the glory of the inner world. And now you continue to bath in that inner world and allow those expressions to fill all of your every thing and still fill it more.  And this experience will go on for as long as you let it.  And know now that you know how to experience this again because you have laid the path for yourself and can always find it again.  It is no longer lost.  It is Found.  And at some point as you breath you release the harmony,  the light and the taste while retaining a grasp on that feeling you slowly open your eyes and as you do you notice that your world has changed.  Your perception of the world has changed and now includes a broader inner sense that will further permeates the outer perception.”

Our power has and will always come from within.  All the great physical feats that can be performed come from a power from within.  All the great mental inspirations all come from a power that’s within.  Everything that’s the best of us flows from a power that’s within.

True power is self mastery.  It is the most powerful power in the universe.  Attaining self mastery is a moment by moment experience.

Live without fear.  Live in peace and inner joy and have fun.

Thanks for your time.