The Breath – The Path of Legends

Within the heart beat lays the breath of immortality.  It could be said that a traveler could travel from the distant past to the distant future if he but knew the inner workings of the breath. To foresee the future and to behold the past is to be in the present moment.

Let’s talk about the breath.  The power to breathe and breathe air is the infinite connection.  The breath is the vehicle that allows our consciousness to transcend our surroundings.  The path of the breath descends down our front and up our back.   The breath connects our awareness to the ever present harmonic resonance that is present in each of us.

Within the harmonic resonance is the continuous experience of the present moment.

In very old wives tales, there lives the stories of the three sisters.  One is Past, one is Present and one is Future.  Past is usually a quarrelsome lass or old hag.  Future is sometimes dizzy, sometimes crazy, and sometimes sane but she is always difficult to figure out. The only pleasant one is Present but they all seem to have a sisterly agenda and often times not one that is good for people.  As the legend describes them, they live outside the laws of man on possibly another plane of existance.  Some of the legends say that they are weavers weaving the patterns of men’s lives controlling everything that transpires.  In legend to get to where they are is  to be woven by them into their pattern.  It is also said in various places that one can seek them out and if they have a whim to do let one find them, then they weave that scenario into their pattern .  If one has a question for them they typically have some errant for one to perform that may not be easily accomplished. Even then if you accomplish this task they may not answer your question.   But and this is a nice but to overcome the patterns they have laid for each of us one has to conquer the inner dragon and stay in the present moment.  If you can get there and stay there you will beat the past and the future because the infinite past and the infinite future are all part of the present moment.  You will have won something for yourself that is vast but so very very personal.

In the 1980’s there was a method out there that delved into the power of the breath and a term used to describe its’ measure was that of “The Breath Work”.   Its’ basic but powerful tenant was to learn ones’ original thought.  An original thought is the first thought that is experienced at birth.  That thought becomes a personal law.  Then we prove that law to ourselves by creating situations that prove that law over and over.  By learning our personal law it gives one the opportunity to overcome it.

Personally, I am in my forty fourth year of discovery in breath work.  It is a path I chose or it may be that it chose me.   It is a marvelous path with many splendors along the way.  This path is greater than any concepts I may have about it.  For me, this path is the path of legends.