The Starwheel – “The oldest symbol on earth”


The starwheel symbol is the oldest symbol. It is older than written history. It has survived because it is a symbol. It has been passed down by pictures and word of mouth for many centuries. It is remembered through blood memory or DNA memory. It is imprinted in everyone’s DNA. Though that is true, one still feels the recognition because of the obvious symbols that are still present in our daily life. True power symbols surround us always hiding in plain sight.

The way it works is as you glance at this symbol it becomes empowered by your attention to it. And in turn will empower your life in the ways you desire. It cannot be used to harm anyone. It only works to enhance who you are. To help you to manifest your potential in a gentle and positive way. It will also amplify your will to empowerment and help a change to occur. It is not required that you stare at it, but only to glance at it or think the abundant empowering thought in its’ direction and it will help you to manifest what you desire. It only really requires the barest of your attention. Just glancing at it as you pass and going about your day will still allow for the possibilty of change to occur.

This symbol came as a gift and in answer to prayer to help a friend. From that original given vision came the symbols not yet published of peace, love, harmony, abundance and peace love abundance and harmony combo. These symbols follow there description because I create them that way through intention.

These symbols all will be only yours. They are each and of themselves alone like a blank computer awaiting your input to imprint how you would like them to be. They are influenced by intention from me but only to help you create your greatest possible intention.

As you journey through life I hope you have the opportunity to acquire some or all of these symbols. They will assist you in overcoming personal obstacles and help you to create the kind of life you would like to have.

Thanks for your time.

Ken Ferro