Harmonics – The Dance of Resonant Harmony

Good Morning,

It may be time to consider harmonics in relationship to our  interaction with life and in a broader sense,  the universe.  It may be prudent to include mathematical proportions and ratios to determine how the interactions of harmonic intervals of heavenly bodies can influence daily life.

It may be queried what relationship this has to symbols.  Symbols are based on sacred geometry’s mathematical relationships and configurations.  They can represent and embody harmonic energy vibrations.  It is within the harmonic intervals, the dance of resonant harmony, that this energy may influence one to be at peace and may help to enliven the energy – to change, to create change and sustain change.

Energy surrounds us and we are composed of it.  From the atom, to the complex building blocks of DNA and RNA humans are formed by atoms that form molecules that form cells,…. then are contained within an envelope of skin.  Each bond has powerful energy that has the same strength as that of the atom bond.

That same energy has harmonic resonance.  It has tone, color, name, and vibratory sequence.  It resonates as individual people unique to themselves. This harmonic resonator constantly interacts with the inner person and the outer environment. It plays the song of harmony.  It always plays harmony.  It sings through us as joyful inner play and permeates outwardly as radiant happiness.

It is there.  It is always there.  We could hear just one note or the chorus of notes played by the microcosm – the song.  This song is not just heard it is felt as well.  It is felt by relaxing into a heightened state of awareness and allowing the harmony the song to come through.

Moments of profound experience of harmony have led spiritual leaders to inspire others to pursue their own moment of profound harmony.  Those moments may last from a few seconds to a lifetime.

Sometimes along the way we get separated from our harmony.  We lose track of our song.  Sometimes we need help to get back to where we were before.  Sometimes we need a nudge just to move in the right direction.  So these symbols may just help us to adjust our  inner harmonic interplay so that we might feel and hear our song again.

The Story:  ” I have a friend and his name start with E.   E was going through a rough time and I wanted to help.  I was sitting in my office one day thinking about my friend and a symbol appeared in front of me.  It was the star wheel.  So me being a carpenter and all I got some plywood and made a stencil of it.  Then I used that to trace the pattern on some wood I glued together.  The wood was aromatic red cedar.  I then cut it and sanded it and painted it according to my vision. And because I’m one of those, I asked what it was for and the voice said it would promote facilitation.  Cool huh!  It would help people.  Great!  Then a few days later the Celtic Shield came.  It was also sent to help my friend.  It incorporates hermetic, vedic,  celtic, toaist, alchemical, egyptian, mayan and other older influences and philosophies.  It was sent as a reminder and as an inspirational tool.  I did the same thing.  I drew it and cut it out of plywood, then glued some pieces of wood together and cut the shape.  I then painted the wood according to my vision.  So now there are 2 helper symbols.  Both came to help my friend.  E. had a great turnaround and is doing well now.  E inspired me to share these symbols with others.”

I will try and post more later.  Thanks for your time