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Vision based art – ancient esoteric symbols that may empower change

Spider Web Spirit Confirmation

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These two pictures are of a spider web that appeared in my front yard on August 21, 2013. It was there in this configuration for about 1 week. I believe it came from an internal question I had about these symbols. Whether I should share them with everyone or not. Were these symbols truly Divinely inspired? I wanted to act with integrity regarding this but I felt compelled to ask the universe for some kind of confirmation that I was doing the right thing. I know how these things felt to me, but I still wanted some evidence that I was doing the right thing. So I put it out there in the form of a prayer and the next day this spider web was in my front yard. I can only tell you that I felt assured by the Divine that was the right thing to do.
I hope this helps you to see the realness or the possibility of realness that these symbols may help you with.
Again thank you for your time.
Ken Ferro

Shieldwheels presents The Alchemy Secret

Good Morning,

Shield  Wheels are helper tools that help one to transform and to become rooted in ones’ own positive energy.

It’s all about being in touch with your inner self.  Being able or willing to delve into the stuff that makes up who you are and plumbing the depths of that.  Seeing the path that leads to your power allows for your personal power to come from within.  It is the stuff that legends are made from.  It is connecting to your life force and allowing that connection to permeate and pervade into your life such that it touches not only the inward realizations but the outward manifestations.

In the past this quest for personal power was called many things.  One branch of knowledge that was popular for hundreds of years was the study of alchemy.  The outward transmutation process of changing lead into gold.  It was a simple process repeated over and over again synthesizing a material down to its most pure form.  Then converting that to the Philosophers Stone.  This stone was then used to turn lead into gold.  With the Philosophers Stone in hand, it would only take a small of that stone to change a large quantity of lead into gold.  The inward process of alchemy was similar to the outward one.  It was the main goal of the alchemist was to transform his base self into the purist self.  To repeat a simple process, like meditation, over and over again each time peeling a layer of stuff away to reveal more of the true inner self until one reaches that pure unadulterated state.  Then the effort to reach an enlighten state would be minimal or one would just stay in enlightenment all the time.

Noticing that the light and the easily reached euphoric high is not there is the first step in the recovery process.  It seems that the recovery process term is being used for many ailments today, but what is the most important recovery process.  Even if one achieves physical balance and retains the emptiness of lack of light and euphoric high, what has one gained?  Of course physical health has value and is important.  The ability to be in touch with that internal experience that brings you back to the light and the direct experience of being in the Presence of the Creator brings a quality of depth and enhances all levels of physical health.  It is the process of life.  Returning to the light and being full of light is the experience that newborns came from and it is the pleasure of the living to re-achieve that level.

As always there is tons more to say.

Be at peace and have a great day,

Thanks for your time!

The Celtic Shield


The Celtic Shield Symbol portrays the energy pathways of the Kundalini intertwining on its spiral climb.  From the bottom to the top the climb is an energetic transformation.

Our life is about the spending of energy to create or end different types of relationships. We live, breathe, consume and expend energy all day long.  The quality of life is measured by the energy we put forth to engage facets of life

That energy can be measured by the vibratory rate of an object, living or not. Those measurements are a statement of fluidity. The slower the vibratory rate the more solid an object is, the faster that rate the more fluid it becomes.  Hardness and softness are also a way to measure fluidity.

Wrapped into the fabric of the vibratory rate are five elements. These elements are an intrinsic part of our environment.  Humans not only live in the environment, those elements are also incorporated into us.   So let’s look at the five elements and how they live in us: –  air, earth , fire, water and space or ether.

1.  Air has the highest vibratory rate of all elements. It is our connection to and sustaining substance of life.  Without the movement of air,  the breath,  we cease to live.   In yoga the breath is connected to the vital force and as connected to that force the breath transforms in the body. Air is associated with the heart and the thymus.

2.  Fire is fed by air. Fire in us is the thing that motivates us towards action and change. Action increases circulation and is warming to the body. Fire is associated with the solar plexus and the pancreas.

3.  Water is called the life giver,  We are composed of water.  It is fluidity of movement.  We need good clean water to live and to live well.  Water is associated with our reproductive areas.

4.  Earth is the foundation, the rock upon which all structures rest.  It is the nurturing one that with the combination of the other three elements sustains life on it.  Earth is associated with the base of the spine and the adrenals and it is known as the root.

5.  In yoga there is a fifth element that of space or ether.  Space between each element, each atom. each molecule, each person.  That space gives way for definition or distinction to occur.  So that gives each element the ability to function separately yet combine to be part of the whole.  Space is associated with hearing, the thyroid and it located in the throat.

In us are seven energy centers that correspond to different organs in the body from the base of the spine to the top of our head and from bottom to top they are:  Adrenals, Gonads/Ovaries, Pancreas, Thymus, Thyroid, Pituitary and Pineal glands.  The 2 glands not discussed above with the five elements are the Pituitary and the Pineal glands.

What is amazing about these 2 glands is that they have legends built around them.  The pituitary is shaped like a dish holding as it were, “the water of life”.  The pineal gland is shaped like a spear pointing and directing the divine energy into the body.  These two glands located in the brain are tied to so many secret doctrines.  When stimulated they hold the key and the answers to unraveling mysteries.

It sounds so story like and yet even today people are enjoying the effort to practice prayer, contemplation and meditation.  In those areas of effort people have seen the connective energy associated with the breath.  To relax into the breath as you focus on your prayer and enjoy the deep sense of connection to your life force.

So what does this all mean and how is this tied to the Celtic Shield Symbol.  It is not just because it was the way it was given but it is the way it was intended.  It was given to be shared and was intended as it was originally given.  This Celtic Shield is the original version given thousands of years ago.  The Celtic Shield is a representation of the highest human potential.  It represents man’s ability to overcome all obstacles and reach the pinnacle of realization and truth.  It is a reminder and a transformational helper tool.

I hope this finds you well,

Thank you for your time