Blood Memory or DNA Ancestral Memory

Blood Memory or DNA Ancestral Memory are the same thing. Blood memory is not some fanciful imagery of a blood sucking vampire. Blood memory is the ancient beyond ancient memory of the past. It is maybe not quite infinite but the closest we can come to that. Blood memory contains all the knowledge and experience of not only the current population of man but of all the past.

In some fairy stories, there are three sisters. Whatever names they use, they represent the past, present and future. They have power to influence the past, present past and the future. There powers do not affect the present because it is forever changing. No matter how hard they try they can only influence the future to affect the present past.

To master the art of remembering blood memories one must master the present moment. The journey into the present moment is accomplished by relaxing and allowing. It is the power of intent to be present in the moment. The true time machine lies within the present moment. In the present moment time ceases to exist and one’s time can become limitless. In the eternal moment both the infinite past and future are linear and go in countless directions simultaneously. It is the moment of ubiquitous splendor.

Mastering the infinite moment is a process. Allow your mind to relax and flow into the moment. Once their trace the pathways that lead to blood memory and allow yourself to remember.

Once you master the present moment the past and future have no hold on you and you have broken the thrall that the three sisters use to enslave mankind. You are now your own master.

Have a good day