Be that Healer


At some point in most everyone’s life they will think about healing someone.  They will pray and ask for help often allowing a Higher Power through and begin the path to becoming a healer.

Sometimes it starts as a natural process for mothers and fathers to want to help there children with health.  Sometimes it can fall under the category of a great diet.  In other times it takes a different turn.  Often in those circumstances we turn to prayer.  Asking that Higher Power to intercede and assist in making someone well.  This has a tendency to work and so we file it and use it to work again.

Sometimes we take  our loved ones to doctors or specialists and ask them to help with a situation and often times they are able to help.

It all depends on a matter of perspective.  If you can stay home and help the one in need than that might be the best decision.  It is always a choice.

Some peoples belief systems only allow for them to healed by a faith healer.  A person who by laying on of hands and praying deeply can reach into people and disperse the offending condition away.

That method of laying on of hands has been around for thousands of years.  These days that path has many names such as Reiki, Healing Hands, Therapeutic Touch, Polarity Therapy, Spiritual Healing….   All of these and more discuss methods that help bring the person back into balance.  Sometimes the condition can be quite difficult to overcome and yet it can still be overcome.

Scientists and doctors cannot always explain a healing phenomena so they coin phrases such as “faith healing” to describe the nonscientific end to a detrimental condition.  Faith has a lot to do with it and so does empathy.

The true method to create a wellness change is to have the willing person put themselves in a position of allow.   To allow that higher power to come through.  In reality what happens is even just a little more subtle. To become empathetic one has to attune oneself to the harmonic resonance of the individual one is working on.  This happens automatically to some extent but helps to be aware of what is transpiring.  Everyone has a particular color that vibrates strongly through them.  They also have a tone, a frequency and a vibratory rate and these are their wave pattern translation of who they are.  When one is attuning oneself  to some else’ electromagnetic energy that is inside and around each person, we are learning that code.  After that understanding has been reached,  we start to play that energy back to them at an amplified rate.  Now here is the kicker.  Once that connection has been established, we also can channel a higher power.  We can set ourselves aside and reach into the depths or heights and allow a Divine Empowering  to occur.   That attuning  can amplify that which comes through you in an exponential fashion.  It will never be so much you can’t handle it, but as you become accustomed to it, it may be quite impressive.   The more you do this the better you will become at doing it and the easier it will be to go into that elevated state.

That Higher Frequency bonding is the connection not only to your higher self which will come through the 6th and 7th chakras but will extend into even more elevated levels of consciousness.  Our chakras may stop at 7 but our connection to the Divine keeps going.  We may eventually tap into the healing frequency that enables unconditional healing to occur.

It helps if you are already in tune with yourself.  That you have plumed the heights and depths of yourself through self discovery, meditation or yoga.  That you understand energy and are able to let it flow through you.   That you recognize the Higher Power and are closely associated with it and divine inspiration flows through you regularly.  I said it helps but it is not required.  What is required is your willingness to allow this to occur through you knowing that as you do it will change you.  You will become energy specific.  You will become that willing channel of love, and healing energy will pour through you.  People, animals even plants will all thrive around you.

But the healer alone cannot cure the condition of the one being healed.  There has to be conscious volition on the part of the one being healed.  If the person is conscious and you discuss this with them and they express that this condition has no benefit as a learning condition anymore than that will pave the way for a true healing to occur.

There is always a grey area.  What if the person is not conscious?  As long as you feel you have some permission you can go inside them and encourage them to regain consciousness.  It may take awhile and a loved one should be there to help call them back.  They should be calling them while you do your work.  But have faith and again allow that Divine Energy to be your guide.

There may be endless what ifs but as you attune yourself to the healing energies and truly become a healer you will be able to hear the answers to your questions inside yourself.  You will figure out what it takes to help a specific person.  And you will have Divine Help if you ask for it all along the way.

Your life is an awesome journey of resplendent glory and everlasting love.  Enjoy the journey!

Be at peace.

Thank you for your time