Shieldwheels presents The Alchemy Secret

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Shield  Wheels are helper tools that help one to transform and to become rooted in ones’ own positive energy.

It’s all about being in touch with your inner self.  Being able or willing to delve into the stuff that makes up who you are and plumbing the depths of that.  Seeing the path that leads to your power allows for your personal power to come from within.  It is the stuff that legends are made from.  It is connecting to your life force and allowing that connection to permeate and pervade into your life such that it touches not only the inward realizations but the outward manifestations.

In the past this quest for personal power was called many things.  One branch of knowledge that was popular for hundreds of years was the study of alchemy.  The outward transmutation process of changing lead into gold.  It was a simple process repeated over and over again synthesizing a material down to its most pure form.  Then converting that to the Philosophers Stone.  This stone was then used to turn lead into gold.  With the Philosophers Stone in hand, it would only take a small of that stone to change a large quantity of lead into gold.  The inward process of alchemy was similar to the outward one.  It was the main goal of the alchemist was to transform his base self into the purist self.  To repeat a simple process, like meditation, over and over again each time peeling a layer of stuff away to reveal more of the true inner self until one reaches that pure unadulterated state.  Then the effort to reach an enlighten state would be minimal or one would just stay in enlightenment all the time.

Noticing that the light and the easily reached euphoric high is not there is the first step in the recovery process.  It seems that the recovery process term is being used for many ailments today, but what is the most important recovery process.  Even if one achieves physical balance and retains the emptiness of lack of light and euphoric high, what has one gained?  Of course physical health has value and is important.  The ability to be in touch with that internal experience that brings you back to the light and the direct experience of being in the Presence of the Creator brings a quality of depth and enhances all levels of physical health.  It is the process of life.  Returning to the light and being full of light is the experience that newborns came from and it is the pleasure of the living to re-achieve that level.

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