Spider Web Spirit Confirmation

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These two pictures are of a spider web that appeared in my front yard on August 21, 2013. It was there in this configuration for about 1 week. I believe it came from an internal question I had about these symbols. Whether I should share them with everyone or not. Were these symbols truly Divinely inspired? I wanted to act with integrity regarding this but I felt compelled to ask the universe for some kind of confirmation that I was doing the right thing. I know how these things felt to me, but I still wanted some evidence that I was doing the right thing. So I put it out there in the form of a prayer and the next day this spider web was in my front yard. I can only tell you that I felt assured by the Divine that was the right thing to do.
I hope this helps you to see the realness or the possibility of realness that these symbols may help you with.
Again thank you for your time.
Ken Ferro