The Celtic Shield lives in blood memory-DNA ancestral memory

As with all power symbols that exist today, they have all been broken up into pieces here and there. They have been adapted by visionaries, by governing powers and by people to accommodate either their vision of that symbol or their desired version of that symbol. The original symbols have been lost in time until now. They are being presented now in their full and unmodified formats to be utilized to their fullest potential.

The Celtic Shield symbol lives in blood ancestral memory and has been around for a very, very long time. It originated on planet earth. It came from a lost continent and a forgotten civilization. It is a symbol that represents the goal of human development. It is the inspirational focus that helps achieve our highest spiritual potential while on earth. It inspires us to reach for the internal and eternal glory that elevates us. It helps to change, to evolve and to become. It is a tool and a helper.

The shape of the Celtic Shield reflects the planetary sacred dance. It embodies the celestial dance of the astrological signs around the central sun in the universe. It is that central sun that uplifts human potential to its’ maximum height. When our celestial system is under the influence of that central sun then our spirit is uplifted along with our consciousness. It brings us, while living, to a consciousness that is full of spirit, energy, love and knowledge. It is a state of consciousness where we live without fear and suffer no lack because of the great understanding of balance. We become as it were ‘the embodiment of truth’.

The Celtic Shield shows the four stages of the dance towards the central sun. These stages have been preserved in the phases of time currently known as ‘Yugas’. They are Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Each of these time periods represent vast amounts of time. On the Celtic Shield on the outer rim at the top is yellow for Sat Yuga, pearl for Treta Yuga, brown for Dwarpara Yuga and grey/blue for Kali Yuga. When we are in Sat Yuga we are closest to the central sun of the universe and when we are in Kali Yuga we are at our furthest away.

At the heart of the Celtic Shield is the pathway of the individual. It embodies the transmutation of spirit from base to the highest potential. It reminds us of who we are and the continuing developmental process of progression and fulfillment. It shows the energy pathways of the male and female energies that exist in all of of us. It shows the alchemical transformation of our base energy into the essence of the philosophers stone. It helps to empower us to transform into our highest potential and become who we are truly meant to be.

This tool when you purchase it is wholly yours. It is a helper tool in many ways. It reminds us of how short our life is compared to the great dance. It shows the potential that exists in all of us to realize the truth of who we are. It helps us as a reminder to be conscious and it can help to enliven the possibility of change. It is created with intention to help empower spiritual growth and help bring positive change.

Again thanks for your time,

Ken Ferro